Biosorbe Absorbent Pillows are made of the sustainable FSC certified Biosorbe Absorbent material enclosed in a carefully selected fabric.

The product is used for absorption of non-polar substances in workshops, industries, and environments where loose bulk material is not suitable. The product can be used proactively where applicable, for example underneath a leaking equipment.

The absorption capacity of the material is high, and the non-polar substances are absorbed quickly and efficiently.

The Absorbent Pillows can be produced in different sizes depending on the area of use.

– 1 kg absorbent material absorbs up to 22 kg oil

– Quick and efficient absorption

– Hydrophobic – floats on water

– A Swedish product made of 100% pulp

– FSC certified

– Environmentally friendly

– Easy to use

– Low material weight – 60-100 kg/m3

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