Biosorbe Absorbent is a bio-based product used for absorption of spilled non-polar substances such as oils, fats, grease, fuels etc. Biosorbe is produced in Sweden and is made of 100% pulp, a sustainable resource from the Swedish forestry. Biosorbe Absorbent is the world ́s first FSC certified absorbent!

The absorption capacity of the material is high, and the material absorbs quickly and efficiently both in dry and wet environments. The material is easy to transport, handle and collect due to its low density.

Biosorbe Absorbent is available in a fine and a coarse formula, depending on the area of use.

– 1 kg material absorbs up to 14 kg oil

– Quick and efficient absorption

– A Swedish product made of 100% pulp

– FSC certified

– Environmentally friendly

– Easy to use

– Low material weight – 60-100 kg/m3

– Hydrophobic – floats on water, not sensitive to rain

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