Nature permeates our actions and our origins. We looked to nature to find a unique oil absorbent and an effective technology for sustainable businesses.

We want to continue to develop together with others.
That way, we can make the greatest difference.

Biosorbe’s core business is pollution prevention by providing bioabsorbents for oil cleanup.

Major and minor oil spills occur daily from trucks, cranes, vessels, machines, cars, storage tanks etc. All spills add up to significant environmental impacts, as well as exposing personnel to health risks. We know from experience that it is both time consuming and expensive to handle and dispose of oil in a safe and appropriate way. We want to be a key actor in changing this.

Every year large amounts of oil are leaked to the environment from various sources, i.e., trucks, cars, ships, and other machinery. We at Biosorbe want to help sanitize the polluted areas without making a negative impact on the environment. To do this, we looked into nature to find a sustainable raw material and in combination with a low energy demanding process and a small carbon footprint, we are heading in the right direction.

Biosorbe’s goal is to deliver an overall solution with circular utilization of refined hydrocarbons.

We are working towards circular solutions where the hydrocarbons cleaned from nature can be returned to the supply chain in order to reduce the need for refined crude oil. The cellulosic material also provides a high energy capacity at incineration, in the cases where extracting the absorbed hydrocarbons or chemicals is not an option, efficiently creating heat and energy for the society.

Biosorbe provides bio-based, responsibly produced materials that help the customer protect nature.

We want to be a part of the end of deforestation as well as to restore the degraded forests. To accomplish this, a great first step is the FSC certification, which is a receipt of sustainable acting with wood-based products.

By producing biobased absorbent, we believe we can help our customers protect and restore nature in a sustainable way. The high absorption capacity of the Biosorbe material also insinuates a relatively low consumption of raw materials during production, aiding the positive environmental impact.

Biosorbe is working with certified methods to pursue sustainable value chains.

Biosorbe’s code of conduct promotes the employees and owners to act good in general – abide the law, act honorably and treat others with respect, all to induce a safe working environment. We only look to do business with serious partners who share our vision of sustainable development. Together we can make the greatest difference.

Biosorbe is the world’s first FSC certified absorbent.

We are happy to announce our FSC® certification. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and verifies sustainable sourcing from forest to consumer. The FSC label helps consumers and companies to purchase wood and paper-based products from responsible forestry that takes people and the environment into account.

This certification is a big step in the right direction and a significant proof that Biosorbe is a sustainable product. It shows that our work is good – both for our users and for the planet, but also strengthens our close collaboration with Rottneros Bruk and the forest in Värmland.

Biosorbe is convinced that diversity creates climate and better business.

We are convinced that the business and its success is made by the team and everyone in it. Having different backgrounds let us bring out the best of each other by asking questions and challenging one another. Therefore, Biosorbe strives for a diverse team with an emphasis on equality and a flat hierarchy where new ideas and own initiatives are more than welcome.