About Biosorbe

Biosorbe is an efficient and environmentally friendly absorbent of hydrocarbons in water, air and soil. It replaces the plastic and oil-based alternatives that exist on the market today but can also clean where there are no suitable product alternatives available. The absorbed oils can be extracted and re-used, degraded into harmless components, or be incinerated.

The product is a result of a science project at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, and has been developed and commercialized by Biosorbe AB, with continued collaboration with KTH and the University of Karlstad.

Our revolutionary Swedish bio-based product absorbs oil spills both on land and in water. Biosorbe is a natural oil absorbent, as well as a hydrophobic water repellent–allowing it to resist rain on land or float on water for extended periods to collect oil from the surface.

Ekman is a global sales and marketing organization strategically aligning buyers and sellers of forest products around the world.

Every innovation starts with an idea. For Biosorbe, it all started 2005. Over the past few years the idea has been shaped into a world-unique environmentally friendly product.


Lars Erik Sjögren



Mobile: +46 70 844 35 27

Louise Thorén

Product management / Production


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Christoffer Olausen

Development/ Projects


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Philip Berglöf

 Finance/Business admin


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Zara Room


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Emil Larsson


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Christoffer Johansson


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Nina Elmersson


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Andreas Utas


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Malin Hagström


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Moa Andersson


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Karl Norell


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Board of directors

Johan Bennarsten


Chairman since 2019, born in 1972 MSc Engineering Physics from Uppsala university and Medical Degree from Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

Other commitments:
CEO and founder of Seafire AB (publ). Chairman of the board in Nordbutiker i Sverige AB, Lingua Communication Nordic AB and Thor Ahlgren AB. Member of the board in Hedén Group AB, LudaFarm AB, Färg-In AB and Åkerstedts Verkstads AB.

Since 2001 Johan has been working in private equity at the Nordic PE house CapMan Ltd where he was Partner and Head of team between 2008 to 2015. Between 2015 and 2016 he was Partner at Pareto Securities AB. CEO and founder of the listed investment firm Seafire AB (publ) since 2016.

Markus Åkerstedt


VD Perpressa Invest AB, fd VD Åkerstedts Verkstad AB
Director, Born 1976, University of Skövde, HIS, Engineering and Technology, mechanical engineer, studies in Industrial Economics and lean production.

Other Commitments:
CEO and founder Perpressa Invest AB and Perpressa Fastigheter AB. Member of the board in Åkerstedts Verkstads AB, Thor Ahlgren AB, Planevo Invest AB, The Sole Theory AB and Färg-In AB.

Markus has long experience within Swedish industry from his role as part owner and CEO of Åkerstedts Verkstads AB

Mattias Jonsson


Director, Born 1970, Stockholm School of Economics, HHS, Economics and Business Administration, Major – Finance and Accounting.

Other Commitments:
BRP System AB, Chairman of the Board, Founder and Board Member Gravial Group

Mattias has long and broad experience from leading roles within Swedish industry, CEO Re:newcell AB, Senior Advisor Trudvang & Partners, CEO Medley, Stockholm, CEO Visma Proceedo, Co-founder and Head of Sales Visma Proceedo, CFO Diversey Lever AB. Chairman Almega Friskvårdsföretagen AB, Board Member Vendemore AB, Board Member Cortus AB & Member of the KFS Advisory Boar

Monica Ek


Director, born 1959, PhD wood Chemistry KTH, PhD Student Photyellowing Biofibers at Mc Gill University.

Other Commitments:
Professor, Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology at KTH, Head of Division Wood Chemistry and Pulp Technology at KTH, Cellulose Division, Award Chair American Chemical Society, Vice president EPNOE, Fouder & Senior Advisor at FineCell

Monica has a long and deep academic background. Monica has also worked in the industry with research at Stora Enso.

Peter Sandberg


Born in 1967, Studies, Economics and Business Administration at University of Umeå, Sweden.

Other Commitments:
Executive Vice President at Ekman & Co AB

Peter has a long experience from leading roles within international wholesale and industrial companies. CEO Optigroup, CEO Korsnäs AB, Kinnevik Management Team, EVP M-real, and other senior positions. Chairman of Innventia (RISE) and Eugropa, and various board memberships such as e.g. Skogsindustrierna, CEPI Fine and Svenska Aerogel AB.

Ekman Group, a global trading house in he forest industry.

Ekman is a global sales and marketing organization strategically aligning buyers and sellers of forest products around the world. We make international trade easy and profitable for partners in more than 100 countries.

With global presence and local excellence, we add value throughout the business process by offering competetive purchasing, strong financial solutions and efficient logistics. Ekman has more than 300 employees in 40 offices worldwide and handles around 4.5 million tons of forest products every year. 

Contact Ekman Group: biosorbe@ekmangroup.com or Andreas Utas +4676 6260556



Monica Ek, professor at KTH in Stockholm, lays the foundation for the idea behind Biosorbe


Nordic Bioengineering AB is founded, the company then focuses on letting bacteria/microbes break down oil spills


The founders of Nordic Bioengineering AB contact Professor Monica Ek who presents the idea behind the absorption of oil and other hydrocarbons


The company submits its first patent application


The first major capital investment in the company is made by Johan Bennarsten and Lars-Erik Sjögren, who take over as Chairman and CEO respectively


Test facility is completed and 2 tons of hydrophobicized pulp are produced and potential customers are allowed to test the product
Christmas and others enters as a co-owner
A decision is made to invest in a so-called Up scale production unit in Rottneros
The company changes its name to Biosorbe AB and the operations are moved entirely to Värmland
The company begins to build an organization


The production unit in Sunne is inaugurated
LOI with Ekman Group on global sales assignment is signed


Production is started
First sales order
Ekman Group joins as co-owner
Development for diversification of the product catalog (product development/various applications)