Our technology

Biosorbe is an efficient and environmentally friendly absorbent of hydrocarbons in water, air and soil. It replaces the plastic and oil-based alternatives that exist on the market today but can also clean where there are no suitable product alternatives available.

The absorbed oils can be extracted and re-used, degraded into harmless components, or incinerated. The product is a result of a science project at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, and has been developed and commercialized by Biosorbe AB, with continued collaboration with KTH and the University of Karlstad.

Our revolutionary Swedish bio-based product absorbs oil spills both on land and in water. Biosorbe is a natural oil absorbent, as well as a hydrophobic water repellent–allowing it to resist rain on land or float on water for extended periods to collect oil from the surface.

Major and minor oil spills occur daily from trucks, cranes, vessels, machines, cars, storage tanks etc. All spills add up to significant environmental impacts, as well as exposing health risks to personnel. We know from experience that it is both time consuming and expensive to handle and dispose of oil in a safe and appropriate way. We want to be a key factor in changing that.


– The use of cellulose fibers instead of plastic based solutions as seen in many of today’s absorbent products minimizes the spread of microplastics.

– The light and effective material makes for a better work environment for the user.

– Biosorbe Absorbent can clean up oil spills in water as well as on land.

– Oils from used product can be extracted and reused or the contaminated absorbent can be incinerated as fuel in district heating.


– Biosorbe Absorbent is hydrophobic and antibacterial.

– The absorbed compounds can be contained for a long time.

– Biosorbe Absorbent has superior absorption capacity and can absorbe up to 25 times its own weight, making it highly cost effective


– The absorbent can be used in various applications in water, air and on land.

– The modified fibers are adaptable in development of other products and in combination with other materials.

– The Biosorbe Absorbent has a proven quality for a broad range of customer needs – see our customer cases of how others have used Biosorbe in effective and sustainable solutions.