Wermahatten – a unique solution for cleaning contaminated extinguishing water.

The management of contaminated extinguishing water is a priority area for the rescue service in Sweden today. Biosorbe together with Werma are therefore proud (happy) to present Wermahatten, a unique, durable, disposable filter for purifying extinguishing water directly on site at each operation.

Each kit with Wermahatten contains a filter in jute fabric and two bags with different absorbents. The filter itself looks like a hat that is placed upside down in the stormwater well and cleans the extinguishing water during operation.

The filter cleans up to 250 liters per minute. For larger flows, more caps are placed in wells downstream in a system. Wermahatten filters out non-polar substances / liquids such as hydrocarbons (fossil oil, vegetable oil, acids, glycol, etc.) and also filters out PFAS and heavy metals.

Wermahatten takes up minimal space and therefore can be placed in all cars. No extra resources are required and each fire truck can solve the purification of its own extinguishing water. After use, the filter is picked up and handled as hazardous waste according to routine.

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